More Canadians doing inspiring and selfless things at the Olympics.

Denny Morrison won silver today in 1000m speedskating - but that’s only part of this incredible story.

Having come back from a broken leg the year before, Morrison agonizingly fell at the Canadian trials in December and failed to qualify for the 1,000 metres race. Fellow Canadian team mate Gilmore Junio, however, did qualify and was set to compete in the 1,000m in Sochi.

This past Monday night, Denny Morrison got a text. It said: “Hey man, are you ready to race the 1,000? I’ll give you my spot”.

Junio voluntarily gave up his spot in an Olympic race for his team mate. This amazingly selfless act resulted in a silver for Canada - a silver for Denny Morrison. If this doesn’t make you proud to be Canadian, I don’t know what else will.
'I've heard a rumour that Speed Skating Canada is pushing to have Gilmore Junio as the Canadian flag-bearer at the closing ceremonies,' Morrison said. 'Maybe that's something we can get behind, because I think that would be really special. He does embody what it means to be a Canadian Olympian, I think.' “







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